Use of Non-Food Items

Indicator Phrasing

% of households who used the provided non-food items for the intended purpose

Indicator Phrasing

INDICATOR PHRASING: % of households who used the provided non-food items for the intended purpose

What is its purpose?

The indicator measures the proportion of beneficiaries who used the distributed non-food items (NFI) for their intended purpose – an important aspect of the relevance and effectiveness of the assistance.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Determine the indicator’s value by using the following methodology:


1) Decide how many items must be used for the intended purpose in order for the beneficiary to be considered as “using the provided NFI for the intended purpose” – for example, at least 3 out of 4 items. Avoid having unrealistically high expectations.  


2) Collect the following data by conducting individual interviews with a representative sample of NFI beneficiaries:




Ask the following questions about each of the selected types of provided non-food items. The data should be collected through post-distribution monitoring, about a month after the distribution, once the beneficiaries have had a chance to use the provided assistance.


Q1: In the past [specify the time], has your household received from [specify the organization] any [specify the item]?

A1: yes / no / does not know


(ask the following questions only if the previous answer is YES)


Q2: Have your household members already used the provided [specify the item]?

A2: yes / no / does not know


(ask question 3 only if the answer to 2 is YES)


Q3: What did your household members use the [specify the item] for?

A3: predefine the answers according to the purpose of the item + leave space for other types of use


(the following question is not mandatory but is highly recommended; ask only if the answer to Q2 is NO)



Q4: Can you please tell me why you have not used it?


1) when I received it, it was damaged

2) I gave it to someone who needed it more than me

3) it was not useful

4) I did not need it yet but I will start using it soon

5) I lost it

6) it was stolen from me

7) I exchanged it for something that I needed more

8) other - specify: .........................


3) To calculate the indicator's value, divide the number of respondents who used the minimum


number of provided NFI for the intended purpose by the total number of interviewed respondents (exclude those who did not know whether their household has received or used the NFI). Multiply the result by 100 to convert it to a percentage. 






This guidance was prepared by Adapted by Tearfund from People in Need’s IndiKit guidance ©

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