Active CCT trainers

Indicator Phrasing

Total number of active CCT trainers

Indicator Phrasing

INDICATOR PHRASING: Total number of active CCT trainers

What is its purpose?

Demonstrating the scale of CCT through measuring the number of trainers who are actively training facilitators in a CCT process as a result of training conducted or funded by Tearfund and/or a local Tearfund partner or that of allies where Tearfund have played a catalytic role. This indicator provides a proxy measure of whether there is capacity for scale up of facilitators.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data



Trainer refers to trainers of facilitators, so persons who have participated in the CCT training of trainers and are currently training facilitators in a CCT process.

Trainers can only be considered to be active if they have led a training of facilitators in one of the CCT stages or assisted or mentored facilitators in the past 6 months. 


Teams should make a note of any new facilitators becoming active in the past 6 months and of any facilitators who are no longer active or have dropped out and amend the cumulative total accordingly. 

To track the number of active trainers, trainers should keep an accurate log of all trainer of trainers workshop attendees. 

Once participating trainers are actively leading their own training sessions with facilitators they should fill in progress reports. 

These can also be verified through supporting evidence of the workshops such as attendance, training plans, or photographs.

Where Tearfund has had a catalytic role, church denominations or other allies should be encouraged to take this approach to help them effectively support trainers.

Who collects?

Training coordinators or Trainer of trainers should collect attendance of trainers and collect in trainer's progress reports.. 

This should then be shared with Tearfund every 6 months. 

If Tearfund is playing a catalytic role, the collection will be done by partner denomination trainers/personnel and can be shared with Tearfund at the discretion of the partner.


Disaggregate by

Gender as standard.

Additional social identity markers can be used where it is helpful and safe to do so, such as age, ethnic affiliation, disability or denomination/network.

Important Comments

As some trainers may no longer be active (for instance,because of moving away) the total pool will not always be a cumulative sum of each year but instead should be kept updated with the number who are still active.

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