Peacebuilders at learning events

Indicator Phrasing

number of peacebuilders that have attended a learning event

Indicator Phrasing

INDICATOR PHRASING: number of peacebuilders that have attended a learning event

What is its purpose?

To track the level of follow up and ongoing support that those trained in peacebuilding are receiving as a level of their ongoing commitment and the sustainability of the project

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Data to be collected from attendance records at learning events where these have been arranged or supported by Tearfund.  Records should not only register their attendance but also the date, location and type of PB training that they received.  This could be backed up by informal surveys of trained peacebuilders as part of routine follow up with them asking what learning events they have attended in the previous year or six months (depending on frequency of follow up).  This would allow you to collect information on learning events provided by other organsiations that they had attended - this would also be an indicator of their ongoing engagement in peacebuilding

Disaggregate by

Gender and age group as standard.  Depending on context you could also disaggregate by additional identity markers such as faith or denomination

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