Activist communication

Indicator Phrasing

% of activists that have engaged with each other via the communications network in the last month

Indicator Phrasing

INDICATOR PHRASING: % of activists that have engaged with each other via the communications network in the last month

What is its purpose?

To assess the level of interaction between peacebuilders that are part of a network and so get a sense of the level of support and learning that is taking place within the network and hence how relevant or useful the network is to them.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

There are several ways to collect this data, best practice would involve more than one approach:

1.  Data can be collected via a brief survey of peacebuilders within the network.  This could be administered remotely via the phone or social media platform that is being used or, if at a gathering it could be done face-to-face.

2.  Depending on the social media platform it may be possible to access data from analytics on the number and frequency of messaging

3.  Directly by reviewing the messgaes on the platform and logging who has and has not been using the system alongside their frequency of use.  You might for example review messgaing for the precious week or month and simply log who has been involved in conversations.  If doing this, rather than count individual messages it might be best to count the number of distinct 'conversations' that have taken place and how many people contrubuteed to that conversation.  A 'conversation' would be a series or flurry of interactions over a short period of time on a particular subject.

Analysis would involve counting the number of network members that have been involved in a conversation over a defined 30 day period and dividing this by the total number of members on the network to get the percentage. 

Disaggregate by

You could disaggregate this by gender, age group, faith group, location as required.

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