Number of SHG (or VSLA) CREATED

Indicator Phrasing

Number of Self Help Groups (or Village Savings and Loans Associations) created

Indicator Phrasing

INDICATOR PHRASING: Number of Self Help Groups (or Village Savings and Loans Associations) created

What is its purpose?

This indicator gives Tearfund sight of all the new savings and loans groups it is creating in countries across the world. It is vital for: 1) fundraising to support this work 2) planning further support to these savings and loans groups to help them develop and further economic empowerment of their members 3) accountability to the Tearfund Executive Team in terms of meeting targets.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Collect data on the SHGs (VSLAs) created. Normally this will be an indicator in the logframe of a programme that involves SHGs. But, even if it is not, the information should be readily available from our implementing local partner organizations.

Created means that the SHG (VSLA) has begun their operations, at least in terms of taking in savings. SHGs (VSLAs) can be counted if they are taking in savings but have not as yet begun to issue loans. SHGs groups in the process of formation or being trained should not be included until such time as they begin operations.

Created means set up and begun operations during the time period. It does not refer to SHGs (VSLAs) set up in the past.

Disaggregate by

Number of SHG or VSLA created

Important Comments

This is a measure of the flow of new SHGs (VSLAs) that Tearfund and its local partners have created. It is not a measure of the "stock" of SHGs (VSLAs) created in the past by Tearfund and its local partners.

It is important not to double count SHGs (VSLAs) for the Strategic Dashboard. This indicator on SHGs (VSLAs) created will be added to the indicator for number of SHGs (VSLAs) that have been helped.

Do not count SHGs (VSLAs) that have been created as being helped if the training provided is that which enabled them to set up. If, however, another substantial training programme has been delivered (with Tearfund resources contributing), then you can count them a second time under the SHGs HELPED DEVELOP measure.

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