Movement building allies

Indicator Phrasing

Number of movement building allies working with Tearfund

Indicator Phrasing

INDICATOR PHRASING: Number of movement building allies working with Tearfund

What is its purpose?

Indicates the scale and reach of our movement building work by counting the number of allies we are directly working with or supporting. A movement building ally acts as a focal point for Tearfund within a social movement that we are connected to anywhere in the world. A movement is a collection of networks of people with a shared vision for change, a shared narrative and shared values. A movement building ally can be indicated by the existence of a Movement Building Ally agreement between Tearfund and the ally; and/or the regular use of the Tearfund Movement Building Assessment Tool with the ally; and/or where the ally has a role as a national expression of the global Renew Our World campaign. The essence of how this indicator is counted is that the ally needs to be in an active process of engagement with Tearfund.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

The data will be collected by Tearfund staff working on movement building, and reported via Track - ideally through the relevant country strategy or advocacy programme on Track. Work outside countries where Tearfund has a country presence can be reported via the Global Advocacy Team or Advocacy Matrix Team strategies on Track, or via the relevant corporate priority.
Name each ally you report in the narrative description, to make sure we avoid any double counting. It is also helpful to state in the narrative which of Tearfund’s corporate priorities of “Environmental and Economic Sustainability'', Church and Community Transformation”, Reconciled, and Peace-filled Societies” and/or “Crisis to Resilience” the movement contributes to. 
You are strongly encouraged to complete the movement building assessment tool with each movement ally (or group of allies) at least once a year, to get a more qualitative insight into the impact, maturity and size of the movement. The completed assessment can be attached to the relevant Track entry. For more information about the movement building assessment tool, please contact a member of Tearfund’s Global Campaigns Team.

Disaggregate by

This indicator is not usually disaggregated.

Important Comments

The reason for counting the number of allies, rather than the number of movements, is that it can be difficult to decide where a particular movement begins and ends, and also how far Tearfund’s support can be said to extend. For example, do we count Renew Our World as one global movement, or does each national expression count as a separate movement? To get around this, we decided to count the number of movement building allies we directly support / work with. Also, if we count the ‘number of movements’, this does not capture the breadth and nature of Tearfund’s engagement in the way that counting ‘allies we are actively engaging with’ does.

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