G2: Activists trained

Indicator Phrasing

number of individuals or champions trained (termed activists on TRACK)

Indicator Phrasing

INDICATOR PHRASING: number of individuals or champions trained (termed activists on TRACK)

What is its purpose?

To provide a count of those people that have been trained to facilitate community dialogues and/or drive change in their communities.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

This should be collated from the attendance records/lists from the relevant training courses. These are people trained as faciliators, trainers or champions. They are those that are driving the change process rather than people who may simply be participating in activities. For the CCTD or TM process this would include those people trained to facilitate the dialogues but not those that simply take part in the dialogues. 

Disaggregate by

Gender, age group, location as standard and depending on the context you might also include faith group or denomination or similar social identities. When submitting  a total that includes different thematic areas you shouod also disaggreagte by thematic area (i.e. peacebuilding, SGBV, TM)

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