Successfully Trained Teachers / Trainers

Indicator Phrasing

number or teachers / VET trainers who successfully completed training thanks to the project's support

Indicator Phrasing

INDICATOR PHRASING: number or teachers / VET trainers who successfully completed training thanks to the project's support

What is its purpose?

Training of teachers and trainers can have a great impact on student learning outcomes. This indicator therefore measures the number of teachers/trainers who successfully completed a training course on a given topic by meeting the performance based training requirements.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Determine the indicator's value by using the following methodology:


1) Prepare a limited number (4 - 6) of performance-based criteria for the planned training of teachers/ trainers. These criteria should reflect the training objectives. All trainees should be made aware of the criteria and should be assessed against them already in the course of the training. Examples of good performance-based criteria include:

  > the trainee describes step-by-step instructions for students for at least 3 specific learning activities

  > the trainee performs a microteaching session where s/he demonstrates a newly-learned skill from the training

  > the trainee attends at least 80% of the course time


2) Include the criteria in a Trainee Performance Record Sheet (this can be in the form of an easy-to-use checklist). This document will be used in the course of the training to assess the performance of teachers / trainers.


3) Decide how many / which criteria a training participant needs to meet in order to be considered as “successfully completed the training”.


4) In the course of the training, the trainer should ask the training participants to perform various tasks based on which s/he can assess whether they are able to meet the individual criteria or not. The conclusions should be recorded on an ongoing basis in the Trainee Performance Record Sheet.


5) To determine the indicator’s value, count the number of teachers / trainers who fulfilled the minimum number / type of performance criteria.


If you train a large number of teachers and it is not possible to test them all, it is recommended that you test only a representative sample of trained teachers / VET trainers. In such a case, calculate the indicator’s value in the following way:

- Divide the number of training participants who fulfilled the criteria to the required extent by the total number of assessed participants

- Multiply the result by 100 to convert it to a percentage

- Multiply the percentage by the total number of trained participants

- The resulting number is the “number or teachers / VET trainers who successfully completed training”

Disaggregate by

Disaggregate the data by gender and the number of years of the trainees' existing teaching experience.

Important Comments

1) It is crucial that the criteria are introduced right at the beginning of the training and all trainees are aware of them and understand what they mean. The trainer has to give each training participant the opportunity to perform the requested tasks.


2) As compared to the indicator "number of teachers / trainers who received a training on ... ", the proposed indicator on "successful completion of a training" provides more useful data. It shows what the teachers / trainers actually learnt, demonstrating their potential to implement the acquired knowledge and skills and to change their teaching practices.


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