Number of Local Churches

Indicator Phrasing

Total number of local churches actively engaged in a CCT process

Indicator Phrasing

INDICATOR PHRASING: Total number of local churches actively engaged in a CCT process

What is its purpose?

Demonstrating the scale and impact of CCT through measuring the number of local churches who are actively engaging in a CCT process as a result of mobilisation from a facilitator who was trained as a result of Tearfund funding and/or catalytic influencing from Tearfund.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data


‘Local church' refers to a sustainable community of local Christian believers, who come together to worship, study the bible,and pray.

The ‘local church’ may meet in a church building, community building, school hall, someone’s home or outside, anywhere where they gather together. 

This is the individual local congregation as opposed to denomination. 

For a local church to be counted as 'active' they must have been started and are currently doing a CCT process in the past 6 months. 



Teams should make a note of the number of new churches becoming active in the past 6 months and of any churches who are no longer active or have dropped out and amend the cumulative total accordingly. 

For best practice, facilitators should fill in monitoring forms which records their activities with churches and this should be shared with the relevant coordinator.  

Where Tearfund has had a catalytic role, church denominations or other allies should be encouraged to take this approach to help them effectively support facilitators.


Who collects?

CCT coordinators or trainers should collect facilitator's monitoring forms. 

This should be then shared with Tearfund every 6 months. 

If Tearfund is playing a catalytic role, the collection will be done by partner denomination trainers/personnel and can be shared with Tearfund at the discretion of the partner. 

Important Comments

As some churches may no longer be active (for instance, because of a facilitator moving away) the total amount will not always be a cumulative sum of each year but instead should be kept updated with the number who are still actively engaging in CCT.

This won't necessarily correspond exactly to the number of facilitators active as one facilitator might facilitate in more than one church or even two facilitators might join and facilitate in one church.

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