People trained in advocacy

Indicator Phrasing

Number of people trained in advocacy

Indicator Phrasing

INDICATOR PHRASING: Number of people trained in advocacy

What is its purpose?

To measure the number of people trained in advocacy, campaigning, social accountability tools or movement building, as a result of training conducted or funded by Tearfund and/or a Tearfund partner, or by allies where Tearfund has played a catalytic role.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

To track the number of people who have completed training on advocacy, organisers or trainers should keep an accurate log of all workshop attendees.
These can also be verified through supporting evidence of the workshops such as attendance, training plans, or photographs.
Where possible, it is advisable for trainers to encourage participants to keep in touch and feedback progress when they use the tools they have been trained on.
Where Tearfund has had a catalytic role, church denominations or other allies should be encouraged to take this approach to help them effectively support trainers.

Who collects?
Training coordinators or trainers should collect attendance of people trained and capture this in trainers' progress reports.
This should then be shared with Tearfund every 6 months. After collecting the data from the trainers, country teams should feed this into the Track system where it can be validated by the advocacy advisors. If the Social Accountability Adviser or Advocacy Adviser has conducted training, they should check that this is being recorded at country level reporting.
If Tearfund is playing a catalytic role, the collection will be done by partner denomination trainers/personnel and can be shared with Tearfund at the discretion of the partner.

Disaggregate by

This indicator does not tend to be disaggregated.

Important Comments

You may wish to add details in your narrative description to explain the purpose of the training and the audience who attended (for example, peacebuilders, or young environmental activists attending a movement building bootcamp). You may also wish to state which of Tearfund’s corporate priorities of “Environmental and Economic Sustainability”, “Church and Community Transformation”, “Reconciled, Peace-filled Societies” and/or “Crisis to Resilience” it contributes to.

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